There are various different types of weapon available to use in the server, more than the original game. Weapons are split into categories: Melee Weapons and Firearms.

Weapons can also be classified by their most common spawn areas, simple melee weapons and firearms can be found in civilian areas, but military grade or rare and unique weapons are harder to find, usually in hard to reach places such as military bases or survivor loot piles on rooftops.

This page lists all melee, custom melee and firearms.


Firearms are the most common and reliable method of taking down hostile players in the wastelands. There is a total of 16 usable firearms in the game at the moment ranging from close quarters pistols to long range rifles.

Each weapon has a calibre which corresponds to an ammunition type (See below).

Here is a list of all firearms and their respective ammunition types.

ItemAmmo CalibreMuzzle VelocityMagazine SizeMaximum Magazines
M9 SDcalibre_9mm295.0101
Desert Eaglecalibre_357420.072
Spas 12calibre_12g480.061
Mac 10calibre_9mm376.0321
Tec 9calibre_9mm360.0361
Dog's Breathcalibre_50bmg888.819
Model 70calibre_308860.619
The Len-Knockscalibre_50bmg938.514

How Firearm Damage Works

Before reading this, ensure you have familiarised yourself with how Health works on Scavenge and Survive.

A weapon has two parts: the gun and the ammunition. Each part has factors that effect how the weapon will inflict the target.

Ammunition has a base bleed rate which is where the result bleed rate is derived from. Read more about bleeding on the Health page.

Firearms have a muzzle velocity which determines how quickly the bullet force drops off over distance.

Upon Firing

The bullet that is fired now contains this information: the muzzle velocity (initial velocity) and the base bleed rate of that calibre. This static information about the items will be used when the bullet hits in conjunction with circumstantial data based on the individual event.

Upon Impact

(please note that the game uses hitscan rather than balistics, there is no actual interval between fire and impact.)

When the bullet hits the target the distance is recorded which is then used to calculate the actual bullet velocity at the time of impact. The muzzle velocity of the weapon determines how much the resulting velocity is affected by the distance. For example, a bullet fired from a very high muzzle velocity weapon will likely not lose much of that speed over 100m but a low muzzle velocity weapon will lose a lot of the velocity (and thus force) over the distance of 100m.

Now that the bullet velocity on impact is calculated, this value is used to affect the calibre's base bleed rate resulting in a lower bleed rate depending on the distance to the target.

Wounding and Unconsciousness

(you can read more about this on the Health page.)

When a bullet hits a target, a wound will be inflicted and they will start to bleed. A calculation is then performed to determine whether or not the player should become unconscious. This is based on how many wounds they had and their bleed rate prior to the impact. Higher values result in a higher chance to get knocked out.


Firearms will weaken your opponent however currently, a bullet will rarely kill a player since bullets don't remove huge chunks of blood immediately. There is a wound limit of 64, when a player reaches that value they will die instantly.

This means that weapons are key in getting your enemy to an unhealthy state from a safe distance. Once they are weakened you can use melee weapons or get creative to finish them off.

This major change in combat and health mechanics was made in an update that aimed to extend combat from one-bullet knockouts and fast kills so combat scenarios would become more interesting, tactical and tense. Learning how to use your tools to their full advantage and not waste ammo is key to survival. Every bullet counts.


The obvious downside to firearms is ammunition, often seen as more rare than the guns themselves. Ammunition can be found in the same kinds of places as weapons in the form of Ammo Tins, lower grade ammunition is found in civilian areas where the good stuff is only available in military areas and survivor stashes on rooftops.

Ammunition comes in different types, which correspond to different weapons, some ammo types work in multiple weapons and can be swapped between them with the "Transfer Ammo" option in containers.

Most standard firearms fit one magazine in the weapon and one reserve.

ItemAmmo NameCalibreBleed RateK/O MultiplierPenetrationSize
9mm RoundsHollow Pointcalibre_9mm1.01.00.220
.50 RoundsAction Expresscalibre_50cae1.01.50.928
Shotgun ShellsNo. 1calibre_12g1.11.80.524
5.56 RoundsFMJcalibre_5561.11.20.830
.357 RoundsFMJcalibre_3571.21.10.910
Petrol CanPetrolcalibre_fuel0.00.00.020
9mm RoundsFMJcalibre_9mm1.20.50.820
Shotgun ShellsFlechettecalibre_12g1.60.60.28
Shotgun ShellsImprovisedcalibre_12g1.60.40.314
5.56 RoundsTracercalibre_5560.91.10.530
5.56 RoundsHollow Pointcalibre_5561.31.60.430
.357 RoundsTracercalibre_3571.21.10.610
7.62 RoundsFMJcalibre_7621.31.10.930
.50 RoundsBMGcalibre_50bmg1.81.81.016
.308 RoundsFMJcalibre_3081.21.10.810


Generally, hollow point rounds are better against non-armoured targets and full metal jacket rounds will penetrate armour. Tracer rounds have no additional properties other than lighting up their flight path and possibly igniting explosive materials.

Ammunition Types

  • Hollow Point - more knockout, moderate bleed, less effective against vehicles/occupants
  • Soft Point - less knockout than above, faster bleed rate, less effective against vehicles/occupants
  • FMJ - armour piercing, shield piercing, more effective against vehicles/occupants
  • Tracer - lit bullet, chance to ignite fuel tanks
  • Explosive/incendiary - ignites fuel tanks, extra knockout chance and burn damage

Transferring Ammunition

Transferring ammunition between weapons and Ammunition Storage is a vital part of trading, weapon management and teamwork. You can transfer ammo into any weapon that fires that ammo type.

To transfer ammo from item 1 to item 2, you must have item 1 in your inventory or a container of some sort, then hold item 2, open up the item options and click the "Transfer Ammo" option, a dialog will show where you can type the amount of ammo to transfer into.

For instance, you have a tin of 5.56 rounds and an AK47 in your hands, put the tin in your bag, hold the AK47, open up the bag > tin options > "Transfer Ammo to gun". This also works the other way around, as well as with transferring ammo from one tin to another, or from one gun to another (the guns don't have to be the same type of gun, they only need to use the same ammo type)

This feature becomes invaluable when working your way up through better guns, you may pick up an M9 soon after spawning which uses 9mm rounds. And then, in a few days you find a Tec9 which also uses 9mm rounds, why waste that precious ammo just because you upgraded to a better weapon? Transfer it!

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are among the simplest in a multitude of ways to slaughter other players in the crepid wastelands of what was once San Andreas.

Each weapon has an infliction bleed rate and a knock-out chance. Read more about how health works here.


Most blunt melee weapons like the Baseball Bat or Pool Cue are less effective at making the victim bleed but have a higher chance to knock them out. These are the most common to find and are best for getting your enemy down on the ground, but may not be the best choice if you're looking to get the job done quickly. Despite this downside, the increased chance to knockout can make it easier to immobilise enemies.


Sharp melee weapons such as the Knife or Sword have a lower chance to knock-out but will cause very fast bleeding. Sharp weapons are intended for weakening a player and inflicting long term damage. Sharp weapons are generally found in civilian and industrial areas depending on the type.

Stun Gun

The Stun Gun is a close-range contact electrical stun weapon. It doesn't inflict wounds on your target but rather a very powerful buzz that will leave them shocked for a minute.

ItemBleed RateKnockout Probability
Knuckle Duster0.0520
Golf Club0.0735
Combat Knife0.3514
Baseball Bat0.0935
Pool Cue0.0837
M9 SD295.010
Desert Eagle420.07
Spas 12480.06
Mac 10376.032
Tec 9360.036
Remote Bomb0.01
Spray Paint0.0100
Dog's Breath888.81
Model 70860.61
The Len-Knocks938.51

Additional Melee Weapons

ItemBleed RateKnockout ProbabilityAttack Type
Stun Gun0.00Stab
Big Ass Sword0.390.15Heavy
Kitchen Knife0.290Stab
Frying Pan0.011.06Blunt