Aimshout is a feature that enables limited communication with other players without needing to lower your guard by typing.

Imagine this scenario:

You find a player, fixing their vehicle around a corner from you, they have a shotgun on their back, you have two options:

  1. Shoot them unprovoked like bandit scum
  2. Take your hand away from the fire button in order to open the chat box and attempt to communicate.

Option 2 would be the preferable obviously, but this comes with a huge risk! What if the other player were to open fire WHILE you had the chat box open?

Aimshout is designed to fix that!

With Aimshout, you can write a short preset message that will be sent when you press the following key combo:

  • Aim (Default: Right Mouse Button)
  • Look Behind (Default: Middle Mouse Button)

To customise your message, type "/aimshout " into the chatbox followed by a space and then your message.

A good example of an Aimshout message would be:

"'I mean no harm. Drop your weapon & tell me your name. Don't act hostile as I have a loaded gun aimed at you!"'

Who knows, you might make a friend who can help you later on, instead of making an enemy who will kill you later on.