Drugs are commonly found in medical areas such as hospitals. They come in two forms: Pills and an Injector. They have varying effects, some positive and some negative.



Cures Infection.


Removes the darkening screen effect when low on health. Also prevents the random Unconsciousness that can occur when low on health.

Note: does not prevent unconsciousness caused by being shot/hit with weapons, this is only to stop the knockouts caused by having low health.


Pretty colours...


Injectors can be used on other players when you're stood next to them!


Injecting air into your bloodstream is very bad. You should not do this. However, the ability to inject other people with the Injector item, this makes a silent method of dispatching enemies.


Morphine speeds up Regeneration but at the cost of dizzyness for a short period. This dizzyness affects your aiming.


The prime use of Adrenaline is to revive Unconscious players. As well as prevent further knockouts and speed up Regeneration. This acts similarly to Morphine but without the dizzyness effect, it also prevents the darkening screen effect caused by low health and prevents all types of unconsciousness.


You enter a very un-aware state where visibility is low.