There are 12 different explosive in the game, with 3 different types of explosion and 4 different types of detonation/primer.

  • TNT - Large explosion, requires military grade TNT to craft. The explosion will deal 2 hitpoints to Defences and has a large blast radius of 12 metres.

    • Timed TNT
    • Proximity TNT
    • Trip Mine TNT
    • Phone Remote TNT
  • IED - Small explosion, only requires IED explosives which are easily crafted but not found in loot spawns. The explosion will deal 1 hitpoint to defences and has a blast radius of 8 metres.

    • Timed IED
    • Proximity IED
    • Trip Mine IED
    • Phone Remote IED
  • EMP - Mimicks the effects of a Taser by making effected players unconsious. Does no damage to defences or player health, blast radius is 12 metres.

    • Timed EMP
    • Proximity EMP
    • Trip Mine EMP
    • Phone Remote EMP

Primer Types


A Time Bomb can be activated by using it with Interact Key (Default F/Enter) while holding it. Your character will drop the bomb on the floor with a 5 second fuse (long enough to run away!)


The Proximity Mine is simple in use, plant it by pressing Interact Key (Default F/Enter) while holding it, you will drop the item and be given a 5 second window to leave the detection radius.

The detection radius of the proximity mine is 5 metres, if a human or vehicle enters this area, the bomb will go off shortly after a beep. This sound that plays shortly before the explosion can be used to escape the blast radius if you are fast enough.


The Trip Mine is a special type of explosive that goes off only when a player interacts with it.

There are two ways to arm this explosive, the first is to just press Interact Key (Default F/Enter) while holding it, you will drop the item and see a message to confirm it is armed. Now, whenever this item is picked up, it will explode.

The other way to arm this explosive is while it is inside any container, such as a vehicle trunk, a safebox or even a bag, click the item in the list to open it's options menu and click "Arm Trip Mine". Now, whenever that container is opened, it will explode.

Phone Remote

To use the bomb, you will require another mobile phone in order to trigger the explosion from a distance. You sync the phone to the bomb by using the phone with Interact Key (Default F/Enter) while standing over the phone bomb on the floor, a message will appear saying the phone is synced.

Retreat to a safe distance and use the phone with Interact Key (Default F/Enter) to detonate the bomb.

If the bomb is inside a container, inventory, vehicle, safebox, or anywhere you can think of, it will explode at that location and destroy whatever it is inside along with anything else with it!