Defences are items that can be constructed into the game world using tools such as the Hammer or Screwdriver. There are 10 different construction items with varying hit-points.

Finding Defenses

Defenses can be found inside industrial vehicles such as trucks or vans. Defenses don't spawn in world loot piles as they would either intersect with buildings or vehicles and wouldn't fit in some areas, and they are too easy to see.

Construction & Deconstruction

Construction can be done with two tools, a Hammer or a Screwdriver.

Each tool has a different effect on the construction, if you use a hammer the defense will be positioned horizontally (like: _ ), if you use a screwdriver the defense will be positioned vertically (like: | ). This allows the construction of roofs, floors, platforms and bridges. Construction of a defence from an item takes 10 seconds with both tools.

Defences can be manually removed by using a Crowbar, however take note this only works on the back side (the front will always face the same direction as your character does when you put the defence item down)

This is done simply by approaching the defence from the back side and holding Interact Key (Default F/Enter) while holding a Crowbar. Deconstruction takes 10 seconds just the same as construction.


Defenses can be destroyed using explosive items , the amount of hit-points a defense item has determins how many explosions can hit it before it is destroyed.

Note: The IED explosives deal 1 hit point where as TNT explosives deal 2 hit points.

All explosives damage defences but some are designed to attack players (such as the proximity mine and trip mine)

These are the best types you can use to attack structures:

  • Phone Remote IED
  • Timed IED
  • Phone Remote TNT
  • Timed TNT